Pixel Gun 3D Hack Will Help You Become Gems Millionaire

Acquiring gems without Pixel Gun 3D Hack can be really frustrating. Obtaining coins have been a very hard work and since the 9.0.0 update the game developer decided to torture us more by introducing a new in-game currency that is the gem.

There are actually several ways you can do to get the gems without using cheats. The easiest of all is of course just to spend real money, which is indeed very expensive. Besides, if you play meticulously, you can also find some gems here and there inside the game. For example, you can get three gems along with some coins when you are opening a Lucky Chest.

Furthermore, there is also a very little chance you will get one gem from an opponent you successfully killed. That is when your other opponents don’t get their hands on the fallen gem first.

Why Gems Are Very Precious

The thing about this game is your survival will depend on how powerful your weapon is and what kind of craft items you have. For example, you can purchase the legendary Solar Ray Rifle with 169 gems. If you don’t use Pixel Gun 3D hack, imagine how many days you need to collect enough gems especially if you don’t want to spend real money.

There are 63 different weapons in this game and some can be obtained for free. But if you want to defeat the strong opponents in the higher levels, you also need to upgrade your weapons. And guess what, the most powerful weapons can only be purchased with gems.

Gems are more expensive than coins because you can use it to purchase or upgrade more valuable things in the game. Besides weapons, gems are also useful to purchase Lucky Chest, level up your pets and also purchase Craft Items that will significantly increase your power. You are basically missing out on those great things if you don’t use Pixel Gun 3D hack.